Churches is a realistic first person survival game.


Set in a present-day scenario the great Lord himself has decided to once again take things into his own hands. We have all heard the story of Noah’s Ark and how the Earth was wiped from evil and violence.


“I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them”


He has decided Earth has once again become too much of an evil and violent place and something needs to be done.


Well this time he has decided to try a different approach. Instead of just wiping out all of humanity and leaving a selected few to rebuild, he has decided that all of humanity will be split.


Those worthy and faithful to him will join him in heaven.


Those who are evil, sinned and prey on the weak will remain on Earth.


It is then up to them to change their ways and rebuild humanity TOGETHER, or destroy each other in the process.


Earth will be wiped back to its core beauty, everything man made will disappear in an instant.


The only thing he will leave untouched are the churches as a sign that this was an act of God and hopefully restore faith in him to the remaining people on Earth.